Terms & Conditions

“Motoring 24-7” reserves the right to amend its “Exclusions and limitations” of policies at any time without prior notice.

Information contained within this website also constitutes part of the Terms & Conditions of Motoring 24-7.

Your membership will be activated after 72 hours from joining. Any request for assistance during this initial period will be at your own expense.

Motoring 24-7 has a no refund policy on all membership and renewal fees.

Motoring 24-7 will not under any circumstances refund any part of the membership or renewal fees paid once the roadside service has been used including in the event where the customer has joined at the time of a breakdown and required immediate assistance.

Motoring 24-7 memberships are transferable to another vehicle in the event where a current members changes or replaces their existing vehicle, providing the new vehicle meets our terms and conditions.

ECONOMY members must provide valid credit card details at time of joining for costs of any emergency roadside assistance services provided to be charged accordingly.

Membership covers nominated vehicle only, which must be in a roadworthy condition, under

20 years old and road registered at the commencement of service, membership or renewal.

Pre-existing faults will not be covered.

Vehicles operated by non-Australian residents will not be covered.

Driver must have membership card on them at the vehicle to obtain free service.

Free service may only be obtained by calling the phone number on the membership card. Costs incurred for services arranged in any other manner will be the responsibility of the driver.

The driver must be present with the nominated vehicle at the arrival of the M24-7 service provider. Service will not be provided for unattended vehicles and any subsequent service will be at the driver's expense.

In the event of a flat tyre, the spare wheel and tyre must be in a serviceable, roadworthy condition and compatible with the other wheels and tyres on the vehicle. If not acceptable, the vehicle will be transported to a suitable service centre or nominated home address. Any excess cost due to this will be the responsibility of the driver at the time of callout. Towing option does not apply for Motorhome Roadside members but can be arranged at their expense.

In the event of an out of fuel situation, 5Litres of suitable fuel will be provided at the drivers cost or the vehicle will be transported to the nearest fuel supply or nominated home address. LPG & Diesel vehicles will be transported to the nearest fuel supply only. Towing option does not apply to Motorhome Roadside members but can be arranged at their expense.

A trailer or caravan being towed by the registered vehicle will be covered for roadside assistance. M24-7 will arrange transport of trailer or caravan being towed at time of breakdown. This may incur an extra cost to the driver especially if the vehicle is overweight (over 3.5T). Any excess charges which will be stated at the time of service.
Transport of any livestock /cargo will be the responsibility of the driver.


  • Vehicles over 20 years old at time of registration or renewal.
  • Vehicles that are un-road registered at the time of registration or renewal or breakdown.
  • Free service limited to one callout per breakdown.
  • Trucks, heavy equipment and vehicles over 3.5 tonnes gross.
  • Vehicles that require specialist equipment and/or are not within easy reach of a public thoroughfare.
  • Vehicles used for hire or reward.
  • Vehicles located off public roads. (Other than private residence)
  • Vehicles that are bogged.
  • Vehicles damaged as a result of a collision or impact with any object.
  • Vehicles damaged by vandalism or theft.
  • Vehicles damaged as a result of fire.


Reimbursement claims covered by the Extras cover will only be paid if the major mechanical failure resulting in a callout by M24-7, occured whilst travelling over 100km from registered residence and the nominated vehicle was immobilised for longer than 48 hours. All claims must be submitted within 21 days of occurrence, together with copies of supporting documentation and receipts to : Claims Manager, PO Box 10123, Adelaide B.C. 5000.

Liability of Extras cover not to exceed $500 per 12 month membership period. One option only may be claimed per breakdown.

M24-7 reserves the right to cancel membership at any time if these terms and conditions are not observed by the member or driver of the nominated vehicle.


If you are a Member with Turbo Cover 12mths or Motorhome Roadside Cover 12mths and are fortunate enough not to require our services for two consecutive years of membership, we will reward you with a No Callout Bonus in the form of discount on your next years' renewal fees.

Turbo Cover 12 mths standard joining and renewal fee = $99.00

No Callout Bonus 3 years = $89.10 (10% discount is applied to your membership renewal fee)

No Callout Bonus 4 years = $79.20 (20% discount is applied to your membership renewal fee)

The No Callout Bonus discounted rate applies to your membership renewal fee until assistance is required.

All prices GST inclusive

MOTORING 24-7  Division of AUSTRALIA WIDE ASSIST PTY LTD ABN 95 211 818 356

All Terms & Conditions are final as at 1st December 2012